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Syrian Refugees Need your Help

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Urgent Appeal to all People in Germany, particularly to all Syrian Communities in Germany

The humanitarian situation in Syria has recently deteriorated as a result of the unstoppable escalation of violence, forcing more than 400,000 people to flee to neighboring countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq) since the uprising began on March 2011. A further 2.5 million Syrians displaced domestically, according to UN estimates.

The UN estimates that more than 4 million people inside Syria will need humanitarian aid by early next year, especially after increasing violence and fierce battles between Syrian government forces and opposition fighters have spread into Syria´s two biggest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, which provided safe havens for internally displaced people within Syria fleeing violence and insecurity in their cities. As winter approaches, Syrian refugees, mostly women and children, are facing harsh living conditions in camps. Internally displaced Syrians are also living in dire conditions caused by the inability of Human Relief Organizations to access to people in need of help inside Syria, and therefore “People are in dire need of our help, and we cannot remain silent to what is happening in Syria, where people are living in grave conditions, and civilian victims of war need our help,” says Vindar Sido, Yasa Relief Campaign Coordinator in Germany.The most urgent humanitarian aid includes food, heaters, clothing, and medicine. Thus, we address all people living in Germany, particularly the Syrian community to stand by Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons within Syria in their time of need.

As the cold winter months approach, Syrian refugee crisis worsens and escalates. Most affected are children and elderly people, who are especially hard hit by the cold weather, long trek and disease. Moreover, there is an urgent need to provide those affected by the violence in Syria with weatherproof accommodation, warm clothing and blankets to protect them from the freezing cold winter.

In light of these unusual circumstances, Yasa e.V. would like to ask you to make any possible donation, which will provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons in and around Syria.

We hope you will respond to this urgent appeal and support Yasa humanitarian relief campaign for Syrian refugees.

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Reference: Hilfsaktion für Syrien

Please donate what you can!

With much gratitude for your help,

Yasa e.V. Kurdish Center for Legal Studies and Consultancy