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YASA Media Training Workshops for Kurdish Activists in Western Kurdistan

The Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy, YASA, conducted three training workshops for Kurdish activists in Derik, Gerke Lege and Qamishlo, northeastern Syria, from 13 to 29 March 2013. The aim of the project was to train Kurdish media activists in the Kurdish region of Syria according to professional standards.

Divided into theoretical and practical components, the workshops, delivered by Mohammad Miro and Aref Gabeau, who are media experts and members of the Board of YASA, equipped participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Focusing on the impact of media on the Syrian revolution, YASA experts introduced participants to specific tools and knowledge that can help them conduct professional interviews and develop their skills in news writing and reporting.

As a result of YASA workshops for training Kurdish activists in Western Kurdistan, two Kurdish media groups were formed in Derik and Gerke Lege. In addition to the training workshops, YASA project also included four seminars in Derik, Gerke Lege, Qamishlo, and Derbesi.

YASA project was conducted in cooperation with the organization Democratic Unity of Syrian Kurds in Germany and the Local Council of the Kurdish National Council in Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany.