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Kurdish Course at the University of Bonn a Great Success

  At a commencement ceremony held at the University of Bonn, Germany, on March 16, 2013 graduates of the Kurdish course received their certificates.

Taking place from March to November 2012, the course, which clearly met its objectives and accomplished what it set out to achieve, was a great success. Certificates were handed out to the graduates by Prof. Dr. Orthmann. In addition to Ms. Nissrin Emir and Mr. Fawzi Dilber, the organizers of the course, Ms. Julia Badrakhan (Dipl. in Education), Dr. Zaradachet Hajo, and Dr. Viyan Sido, the Vice Chair of YASA Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy, attended the graduation ceremony.   

As a token of appreciation for her commitment, Ms. Badrakhan gave Prof. Orthmann a bouquet of flowers and a small olive tree on behalf of all the participating students and YASA.

Out of 21 students, 18 successfully completed the course and passed the final exam. This promising result shows that in the future there will be a high demand for such courses.