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YASA Activities in the UK

The Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy, YASA, carried out many activities in the UK from 12 to 18 March 2013. Representing YASA, Jian Badrakhan, a member of YASA, took part in a seminar held at the House of Lords in London.

The seminar was attended by Lord Hamilton, Lord Ahmed, Thomas Mackie, Walid Saffour, the Syrian National Coalition´s representative in London; members of the Kurdish National Council in London, and the Syrian Kurdish Association in London. Participants discussed the Kurdish Uprising of 2004 in Syria and its impact on the Syrian Revolution. In addition, Badrakhan talked about the right to self-determination and federalism as a future government system in Syria.

On March 13, 2013, Badrakhan met with members of the Minority Rights Group to discuss the situation of Syrian Kurds and minorities in Syria, stressing the necessity of granting Kurds their legitimate rights. An action plan was devised to conduct a training workshop for Kurdish political activists in the Kurdish areas of Syria.

On March 14, 2013, Badrakhan and Rashid Ibo handed over a joint memorandum to the British Prime Minister David Cameron on behalf of YASA and the Kurdish National Council. The memo briefly outlined the suffering of Syrian Kurds under the Baath regime in Syria in last decades and their aspirations and vision for the future of Syria. Attached to the memo was an action plan for supporting the Kurdish cause in Syria.

Meeting with Amnesty International representatives in London, Badrakhan discussed the situation of human rights in Kurdish areas of Syria, especially in Sere Kanye (Ras al Ain).

YASA also conducted a seminar, dubbed “Kurds in Syria,” on local de facto government in Syrian Kurdistan and its map, released by YASA, which is still working on its final stage.

On March 16, 2013, YASA conducted a seminar for the Kurdish community in London at Komkar headquarters. Badrakhan talked about local de facto government and the role of Syrian Kurds in the future of Syria, a country Syrian Kurds want with a democratic and federal system, which will guarantee all Syrians equal rights.

On March 18, 2013, YASA representatives met with US chargé d'affaires and Human Rights Watch representatives in London. A plan was devised to ensure the independence of the judiciary in the Kurdish areas of Syria by providing training courses.

YASA activities in the UK were carried out in cooperation with Rashid Ibo of the Kurdish National Council in the UK and Hajar Mustafa of the Kurdish Community in the UK.