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The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in International Law

In this study, I will briefly present the concept of humanitarian intervention in international law. This concept has drawn the attention of international legislators because of the ambiguity and complication surrounding it and the difficulties in applying it in the international arena to safeguard world peace and stop violation against humanity.

In view of the gross and systematic violations of human rights in many parts of the world and the crimes against humanity committed in Syria, it is necessary that the international community develops the concept of international humanitarian intervention based on respect for national sovereignty, and whether such intervention is inconsistent with the charter of the United Nations.

The study includes the following topics:

1- The concept of humanitarian intervention in international law

2- A brief history of humanitarian intervention

3- A summary of international humanitarian law and related treaties

4- Conditions of humanitarian intervention

5- The charter of the United Nations and humanitarian intervention 

6- Conclusion

The study in Arabic PDF