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Federalism as a Tool for Conflict Resolution: Kurdish Areas between Democratic Self-determination and Federalism

In light of recent developments in the Kurdish areas in Syria, YASA, the Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy, will hold a seminar on “Federalism as a Tool for Conflict Resolution: Kurdish Areas between Democratic Self-determination and Federalism” on December 8, 2013, 3:00 p.m. in Essen, Germany.


“The Federal System in Syria strengthens and Enhances the Unity of the Country” in an Open Seminar

In collaboration with the Kurdish Youth Movement and sponsored by the Syrian Business Forum, the Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy-YASA organized an open seminar on 22.11.2013 in Istanbul, Turkey under the title : the Kurdish Areas in Syria between the Federal System and Self-Administration.


A Call for Demonstration in Bonn in Solidarity with Afrin

The Kurd Mountain region (Afrin) is undergoing very difficult circumstances after being besieged for many days by armed groups. As a result, there has been a severe shortage of food supplies and other basic materials. In response to the escalation of violence, and in solidarity with Afrin, YASA Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy invites the Kurdish community in North-Rhine Westphalia to take part in the YASA-organized peaceful demonstration, which will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2013, from 5 pm to 7 pm on Marktplatz in Bonn.

In cooperation with the Kurdish Community in Bonn

YASA, the Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy

Call out to the European Union and the international community to protect the minorities and the democratic movement in Syria

The Syrian revolution started with peaceful protests against the Syrian dictatorship in March 2011. Now it has changed into a proxy civil war. Besides Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah who are supporting Assad’s terror regime, other forces like the Gulf States, Turkey, and other Sunni countries are supporting the armed rebels. At present, there is not any longer space left for a peaceful democratic opposition. On the contrary, Islamic – extremist groups have infiltrate these democratic movements, with the intention to establish an Islamic theocracy, based on Islamic law, the Shari’a.


The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in International Law

In this study, I will briefly present the concept of humanitarian intervention in international law. This concept has drawn the attention of international legislators because of the ambiguity and complication surrounding it and the difficulties in applying it in the international arena to safeguard world peace and stop violation against humanity.